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This game has already been funded on Kickstarter and Indiegogo crowdfunding campaigns. You should check both sites if you want lots of information about the game and development plan.

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Comprehensive table showing the packages and rewards you can get with full prices:

Backer Credit
Game Key
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Vip Forum Access
Artbook Download
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Closed Beta access
Second game Key
AncientCities Pass
Signed original art
Uncasual Pass

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"Closed Beta Access" Reward

Many months of hard work have passed from the prototype we presented in 2017. To make our own technology resulted in a great delay that we underestimated, so we decided to focus on gameplay and tried to find more funds to grow the team.

After failing on getting enough resources to speed up development, we have decided to release a work in progress version, for backers only, so you can start playing the game from July 2020.

This is not the finished version we wanted to release but we have a debt with backers, who deserve to play the game as soon as possible.


This version is a first approach to the Mesolithic era in Atlantic Europe. Your mission will be to keep your tribe together and alive in these hard ancient times.

In the new game screen you can select any region on the map to play during the Mesolithic period. Base satellite map resolution is low but there are some zones with better resolution available. You can check such zones by activating the layer button on the new game screen. There are also some mods available in Steam workshop with satellite map layers with better resolution, of course, you can upload your own.

The game represents regional migration of a nomadic tribe. Select your tribe and use the action “Migrate” to pick a place where to settle. Rivers and coasts are good places to settle so there you can fish or gather seafood all year long. Planes are plenty of berry bushes and in the mountains you can find mushrooms and hazelnuts, but beware, these are seasonal resources. When you settle, you will be able to build your village in a fully simulated environment.

Your people will need something to eat and a proper place to rest and sleep. If you don’t provide them properly they will leave the tribe or maybe they will die. As resources decay and they are hard to find or exhausted, you should be prepared to migrate to another place…

Currently a minimal work specialization is represented in the form of “Work groups”, so you can control work organization in your tribe and prioritize tasks. Your citizens will choose what to do or not based on its attributes and traits, so for example people too young or too old will not work at all.

Resource production is centered on fishing, gathering, cropping wild plants and chopping trees. These resources can be stored and processed so you can maximize their durability.

Tools are needed in order to perform some of the tasks properly. Different tools are intended for different tasks so you will have to craft them when you have the required resources and services . At this point, basic tools are included so no special knowledge is required to craft them. In the near future we will include the knowledge system so this will be a requirement too.

You can construct several types of buildings: houses, storage, defenses, services and decorations. All of them require resources and some maintenance in order to be able to use them for their purpose. Of course, an important part of surviving will be to construct the appropriate buildings in a proper time. For example, do not build a big house when you reach a new location or maybe people will decide to leave the tribe before the house is available because no one likes to sleep in the open too much time.

As the tribe leader, you can set up policies that must be followed, you can control work time and manage food rations, but people don’t like rules so you will have to use policies with care.

Other aspects are already in development and we will present them to you in the following releases when we consider that are playable.

Mod Support

A first approach to modding is available and it is integrated in Steam Workshop. Anyway, you can currently mod many game aspects because many game data is text based or it is using standard formats.

We have included some demo mods in Steam Workshop so you can try to upload your own.

Of course, we will continue improving mod support since it is an important feature of the game.


Currently only English is officially supported as a work in progress version. Spanish is available too as a demo mod on Steam Workshop. Creation of language mods is already supported, so it will be easy to add new languages in the future.


PC Windows 10

Recommended requirements for “Normal settings”: i7 8GB RAM 1060 GTX

Minimum requirements for “Low settings”: i5 8GB RAM with a 2GB GPU

Currently integrated Intel GPUs are not officially supported.

This is a work in progress version so bugs and optimization problems with some hardware & drivers are expected.

What's Next?

After this first release, we are determined to continue the game development covering all the aspects in the Mesolithic and Neolithic eras but now with your direct feedback so you can share our effort and our love for the game.

We plan to release periodic updates with new features and bug fixes that will be directly available for you on Steam until the game is released to the public. After that you will have access to the release version and to a beta branch with the latest features.


List of funding goals, including those achieved on Kickstarter and Indiegogo crowdfunding campaings.
More amazing goals will be revealed if the one that is currently being funded is achieved.

Please, keep in mind that not all features in the goal list will be present at release time due a lack of development time.
All funded features that can't be included on the first release version will be developed and added to the game at a steady pace.
While we have funds development will not stop.



Help the team to grow finally, to be able to reach the final release of the game ASAP.



75,220€ to reach the goal



Make the sky trully meaningfull: Meteor showers, Novas, Eclipses, equinoxes and solstices,... will be added to the game along with citizens reactions to them.




Towards what Bronze Age expansion needs:
A good irrigation system is a must.
Don't you think?




We will hire another full time senior programmer allowing us to develop faster.




Realistic diseases with simulated spread, and AI reaction to them, will be added to the base game.




Animal companions will be added to the base game.
They will be part of families and help as they can.




Improving fluids to depict seas with waves and tides will let us bring to the game gorgeous coastal cities.




Developers can move from the living room to a small office.
Not only needed for hiring, it is also better for developers mental health.




We can add more terrain variety, plants and wild life to Europe locations.
Better base game.




The game will allow to load heightmaps and use them as terrains.
First step to recreate real world locations.




The era of the very first cities. Rebuild Çatalhöyük, Ain Ghazal or the first Jericho.
Play the true beginning of civilization.




The game will be eventually published in DRM free platforms like GOG or




Means better rivers and opens the door for future fancy floods or even lava disasters.




Start the game in the Paleolithic in a very rough climate situation.
Lead a nomadic tribe and test your survival skills




Base game featuring European Atlantic Megalithic culture.