• Is the game already available to play?
    From July 2020 it's available a closed work in progress version for backers with "Beta access" reward.
    Please read the reward description here

    The Steam Keys for the "Beta access" reward will be available in batches, ordered by tiers, from July 16.
    We send a personalized email with instructions for every backer with the "Beta access" reward.

  • When the game will be released?
    Public release date is to be determined.

  • Is there any way to support the game development?
    Not anymore. Crowdfunding it's closed. Only current backers can upgrade his pledges in the settings area of the website.

  • Will there be multiplayer?
    AC uses a player controlled time velocity that does not fit well with multiplayer. This game is closer to a city builder with strategy elements than it is to a base camp game like AoE.

    If the game works very well and we have funding in the future we could consider a spin off, or a multiplayer mode with fixed time, but we will not compromise single player experience in any case.
    Multiplayer is not a priority for us at this moment.

  • Will there be combat?
    Yes, in the first public release there will be combat in the form of raids, but it will be optional.

  • Can I evolve my city from Neolithic, to Rome, Middle Ages or beyond or can I play with Tenochtitlan?
    Not in the first public release.

    First public release will start with a nomadic tribe and cover Neolithic to the Bronze Age start in Atlantic Europe.
    If the first public release works well and we can continue development we will expand the game to other ages/cultures, step by step.

  • Will there be modding support for the game?
    Very basic modding support is already built in.
    But we know how important modding is for this kind of game, so modding support and modding tools will be improved and provided later.

  • What will be the system requirements for this game?
    At this stage of development is too early to say, still lots of optimizations are needed, and lots of features are going to be added.
    The game already provides a full range of typical quality configurations though.

    Currently i5 CPU and not too old discrete 2GB GPU is the actual minimum for low settings and for medium map size, but this may change a lot.
    We will know actual minimum requirements near the final release
    Integrated GPU are not officially supported.

  • Will there be Linux or Mac version?
    Only Windows version is planned at this moment.
    Other platforms are to be determined in the future if they have commercial sense for us.

  • What languages will the game support?
    The game is being made with an integrated localization system to support a wide range of translations, but at release date only english will be present.
    Other major languages will be added after the release. Steam workshop mod support already allows user traslations.

  • I'm already a backer but my name is not listed in the supporters list.
    Because some people prefer to support the project but not being listed names are hidden by default.
    To add or modify your name -or nickname- in the list, please log-in in the website and access to the backer's settings ( top right corner ). You will find a field to add your preferred name.

  • I want to help development and become a tester for the game. Can you send me a free key?
    Thanks for the willing to help but we already have lots of backers with closed access to test the game.

  • I'm a youtuber, can I get a press key?
    If you are a consolidated youtuber or streamer with a great number of followers and nice video editing, feel free to contact us.
    Please keep in mind that because we are extremely busy right now we will store all mails regarding youtubers and streamers until the game is ready for this.
    If you are selected as a partner youtuber or streamer we will contact you when the time comes.

  • I'm a youtuber, will I be able to use the closed version to make videos and publish them?
    We still have to make a decision here. But very likely not until the game becomes stable and major flaws that can be detected are solved. After that, probably yes.